ITQAN is one of the leading service providers of Plant Maintenance Solution for Refining, Oil Gas, Petrochemical and Power Generation companies in Saudi Arabia.


ITQAN plays a critical role in the complex processes of refining crude oil into commercial energy products such as gasoline, jet fuel, fuel oils, asphalt, and other byproducts. Depending on the end products, refineries can have many different configurations and a wide range of flow, pressure and operating requirements. In this complex environment, Itqan has the expertise and a full range of proven solutions to meet  demands of Hydrotreating, Hydrocracking, and Catalytic Reforming.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry poses demanding challenges on our services. ITQAN oil and gas solutions include:
  • Gas Boost.
  • Gas Lift.
  • Production.
  • Gas Processing (Separation).
  • Off Shore / FPSO.
  • Gas Injection.


Petrochemical involves converting a feedstock into raw syngas such as ethylene, propylene and methanol. To deal with these most difficult operations, petrochemical plants have been turning to Itqan Plant Maintenance Solution.

Power Generation

Itqan provide highly efficient solutions for power generating facilities using fossil, hydroelectric, and wind as their generating fuel sources.


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