Shop Services
ITQAN provide full range of repair solutions, our fully equipped 50,000 sq.ft shop capabilities include the followings:

  • Overhaul and Repair various types of pumps, compressors, turbines, rotors, gearboxes, valves, valve actuators and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Electrical Repairs including; motors, generators, generator sets, transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, rectifiers and welding machines.
  • Specialized Metal Processes such as; welding, re-babbitting bearings, HVOF metal spraying and chrome plating.
  • Heat Exchangers pump heads, scraper launchers
  • welded fabrications and pressure vessels plus all types of machining operations.
  • Qualified and Certified welding procedures and overlay using gas, electric arc, submerged arc, TIG, and MIG welding processes.


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